With No More Heroes III just over a month away from release, Marvelous has shared a brand new trailer for the game that puts a focus on some well-known mechanics.

Things kick off with a look at DonMai Sushi, an item you can pick up to restore HP and generate special effects that'll give you the edge in battle. If you've played Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, you'll already be familiar with them, no doubt.

Once you've had your fill of sushi, you might want to take a quick trip to the nearest toilet – no, not just to relieve yourself when nature calls, but to save your game. As series veterans will know, these save points can come in super handy when you find yourself inside any given level.

"The legendary assassin Travis Touchdown makes his glorious return to the Madness in the No More Heroes 3 game, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch system!

The evil Prince FU and his band of alien assassins are itching to conquer Earth, and the only thing standing in their way is Travis Touchdown and his crew. Armed with his trusty Beam Katana, new tech, and some killer wrestling moves, Travis must battle to the top of the Galactic Superhero Rankings and stop the invaders in their stupid tracks.

Experience the latest punk-rock, off-the-wall adventure from SUDA51 and the minds of Grasshopper Manufacture!"

Remember, No More Heroes III launches on 27th August. The game was first revealed during Nintendo's 2019 E3 show.

Thanks to Greatsong for the tip!

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