We still can't quite believe that the Life is Strange games are coming to Switch, but it's just over a month until we get True Colors on the Switch, and a couple of weeks longer than that until we can play the Life is Strange Remastered Collection, too. What a year!


Ahead of the imminent release of True Colors, Square Enix and Deck Nine have released a new story trailer focusing on the Haven Springs, Colorado setting of the game. Narrated by Steph — a character who was also in prequel Before the Storm, and potentially one of the protagonist's love interests in this game — the trailer plays out like a tourism advert.

Haven Springs

Haven Springs has a bar with a pool table and arcade machines, a record shop, local radio station, and, of course, Steph's Dungeons and Dragons games. As Alex Chen, you'll also have the chance to perform live music at regular outdoor concerts — maybe even with opportunities for romance.

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