Weeks after the first-ever WitcherCon was held online, Netflix has now shared a teaser trailer of its new anime movie feature The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. The movie has been animated by Studio MIR and stars a younger version of Vesemir - the father figure and mentor of Geralt.

According to The Witcher showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the animation shows what Kaer Morhen and a larger brotherhood would have once looked like ahead of the live-action version of The Witcher season two. And here's a more official description from Netflix:

"The world of The Witcher expands in this anime origin story: Before Geralt, there was his mentor Vesemir — a swashbuckling young witcher who escaped a life of poverty to slay monsters for coin. But when a strange new monster begins terrorizing a politically-fraught kingdom, Vesemir finds himself on a frightening adventure that forces him to confront the demons of his past."

This new animated movie, as noted in the trailer, will air exclusively on Netflix on 23rd August this year. The animation will be followed by season two of the live-action show on 17th December. You can see a full trailer of this in our previous post.

CD Projekt Red also confirmed at WitcherCon that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition would be receiving some free DLC inspired by The Witcher series on Netflix. This DLC will be made available to every version of the game (including the Switch) and more details will be shared soon.

What do you think of the first look at The Witcher animated movie? Will you be watching? Leave a comment down below.