Enter Digiton: Heart of Corruption

Metroidvanias are plentiful on Switch – and heck, an actual Metroid game is even on the way! – but if you're looking for another one to add to your collection, you might want to keep an eye out for Enter Digiton: Heart of Corruption.

The game's launching on Switch next week, published by eastasiasoft, and is said to feature a "vast pixel art world" that's yours to explore. As with any Metroidvania, you'll unlock abilities as you do just that, discover hidden secrets, and jump and dash your way around to survive against the enemies and environmental hazards in your way.

Let's set the scene:

"Nested in the hollow husk of a desolate world lies the kingdom of Digiton. Once a prosperous, technologically advanced society, the kingdom fell into ruin through greed and lust for power. This led to the rise of four demon lords who now hold dominion over the vast underground cityscapes, icy valleys, intricate mines and lush mushroom forests of Digiton.

Take the role of one of Digiton’s few survivors. Armed with only a shield and tasked with banishing the demon lords, it’s up to you to explore the dark mysteries of the corrupted kingdom and restore its former glory. Uncover long-hidden secrets, and discover the truth behind the enigma known as an AHAB unit."

That pixel art world is full of all sorts of funky colours, as these screenshots show:

Enter Digiton: Heart of Corruption launches on Switch on 4th August and will be available for $7.99. Make sure to share your thoughts on this one in the comments.