Food Fight 7800
Image: Atari

As you may be aware, the Atari brand is in the midst of another comeback, primarily with the Atari VCS system and its recent wider release into some territories. Atari is also seeking to revitalise its iconic game brands, and has announced that Food Fight is getting a new title in 2022.

It's being developed by Mega Cat Studios (Coffee Crisis), and promises a modern take on the 1983 arcade (and its Atari 7800 follow-up). Some PR blurb is below.

Dodge! Dip! Dinner Roll! Food Fight unleashes all manner of food-based frenzy upon players looking to take control of the food court! Featuring single-player, co-op, and online multiplayer modes, the reimagined new game offers a plethora of potential gameplay scenarios, further supported by procedurally generated environments to ensure the food fighting fun never goes stale. Players can collect and choose from over 30 individual weapons, items, and special pick-ups, each with their own kitchen characteristics, such as “slippery” or “sticky.”

You can see a video of the arcade original below, to give you an idea of where the new project will find inspiration.

The game will first launch on Atari VCS early next year, but Nintendo Switch is named along with other platforms as getting it after that period of exclusivity.

If any of you played the original we'd love to hear about it in the comments!