Fire Tonight is a game in which there is fire, and it's tonight. To elaborate: you play as both Maya and Devin, a couple in the year 1990 who are separated by both the city they live in, and the fire that it is on.

In this narrative puzzle adventure, Maya will be trying to get to Devin, and Devin will be mostly sitting in his apartment, waiting for her. Since it's 1990, neither of them have phones, so they can't communicate during that time — and Maya will have to face various "light environmental puzzles" to make sure she avoids both the flames, and the police blockades that threaten to keep them apart.

FireTonight KeyArt

The big news here, of course, is the release date: Fire Tonight will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 12th of August, if we don't all melt from the heat before then.