One of the surprise reveals at Nintendo's E3 Direct was Mario Party Superstars, a brand new (kind of) game in the series that thankfully hadn't leaked to the masses beforehand.

The game is made up of five classic boards from the N64 era's Mario Party, Mario Party 2, and Mario Party 3. You'll spot fan-favourites like Peach’s Birthday Cake and the Space Land board, and it also features 100 minigames from across the entire series' history, a strangely similar concept to that of Mario Party: The Top 100 on 3DS.

Now, it's pretty clear that a new, shiny Switch game is going to look better than the N64 originals, but we're finding ourselves pretty blown away by just how good it looks. In the video above, our resident YouTube celebrity and all-around good egg Jon has put together a variety of comparison clips and we're sure you'll agree that Superstars looks absolutely stunning.

What do you think? Are you up for a new round of Mario Party? Mario Party Superstars launches on 29th October and pre-orders are starting to appear as we speak.