Nintendo has had a busy time recently, actually publishing games on consecutive weeks. Out today, of course, is Game Builder Garage - its origins can be found in the 'garage' area of Labo VR, though this standalone app is far more flexible and powerful.

As a brief summary, it's a very Nintendo take on accessible game development; you're given multiple lessons to learn the basics, and can also go completely freestyle and flex your creative muscles. Nintendo also allows you to use a mouse and keyboard as long as they have a USB input or wireless dongle, which is a fantastic touch.

As you can see in our review below (or above in video form), we're impressed with Game Builder Garage, though it arguably needed more tutorials and it's rather limited in terms of how far you can go in terms of real customisation. Overall, though, we gave it a thumbs up.

Game Builder Garage is out now on the eShop priced at $29.99USD / €29,99 / £26.99; it is available in physical copies at Target and Walmart in North America, too.

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Are you planning to download this and make the next gaming masterpiece?