Ross Pants
Image: Warner Bros.

A new event quest has been added to Monster Hunter Rise which gives players the opportunity to craft black leather pants. Ross will be pleased.

The quest is called 'Alumudron: Fashion Victim', and sees players hunting an Almudron. You see, Rondine the Trader has shown Hamon the Blacksmith a "pair of tight pants from some far-off country," which he offers to craft. Players over HR8 can take part, and, once finished, will be rewarded with 1-3 'Wild Dark Leather', which can then be used to create Black Leather leg armour and layered leg armour.

The leg armour grants two levels of Wirebug Whisperer and includes a level-3 decoration slot. Both of these call for at least four Wild Dark Leather parts, so you'll need to finish the quest at least twice if you're keen to secure them.

Will you be securing a pair of these pants? Do you think they'll make you look like a cowboy? Let us know with a comment.