Image: Nintendo

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility report, Nintendo has given an overview of its global operations and staff numbers in a handy infographic.

Page three of this annual report shows a world map with all of Nintendo's global offices and staff numbers as of the end of March 2021, as well as a percentage breakdown between male and female employees in each region.

Overall, the company has 27 subsidiaries and employs 6,574 people around the world — an increase on the 26 subsidiaries and 6,200 employees detailed in last year's CSR report. You can check out the individual numbers in the image below:

Nintendo Group Business Overview
Image: Nintendo

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Asia has the most employees with 2,498 in total, with 80.5% of them identifying as men and 19.5% women.

Nintendo of America is the next biggest in the staff number stakes, with 1,256 employees on the books. NOA is a little better in terms of gender balance, with 36.5% women on staff compared to 63.5% men.

The comparatively small 91-person Nintendo Australia office is by far the closest when it comes to gender parity, with women actually outnumbering men by 47 to 44.

And Nintendo of Europe employees 901 people in total — 38.1% of them women and 61.9% men.

All of these numbers represent a small shift towards gender equality compared to the previous year, although progress on that front is slow. Overall, it's fascinating to get a snapshot of the company and how its employees are dispersed across the globe. The document also includes a regional sales breakdown for hardware and software, which we've covered previously when the company released its 2020/21 financials.

Surprised to see that NOA is almost exactly half the size of NCL, or how tiny the company's Australian operation is by comparison? Let us know below.