Ring Fit Adventure was a moderately successful and quirky fitness title at launch, but became a much bigger hit in 2020 (even before global events left many of us at home) as Switch owners decided it was time to get fit. Mirroring the days when Wii Fit and its Balance Board were hard to find, stock was tough to come by for a long time.

Of course some fitness 'enthusiasts', like this humble scribe, played for a couple of months and then... didn't. That poor Ring-Con is sitting gathering dust in a corner, and it's at that stage where loading the game up will likely prompt a stern telling off for our lack of commitment to bodily health.

The latest Japanese trailer does remind us, however, that with content updates in particular the game allows for various kinds of exercise, not just the 'run on the spot until you infuriate the neighbours downstairs' sort. The game even supports some relatively relaxing activity while sitting down, so there's really no excuse for the continued slacking off.

Are you still using Ring Fit Adventure, or is the Ring-Con silently judging you from the back of the cupboard? Maybe it's time to try out those sitting down exercises...