Mario Golf Switch

Nintendo has launched a shiny new website for Mario Golf: Super Rush ahead of the game's launch later this month.

The site, which you can visit for yourself right here, offers a closer look at all of the characters available in-game and the courses you'll be playing on. There's also a section dedicated to teaching you how to play, detailing each of the game's main modes such as Standard Golf, Speed Golf, and Golf Adventure, and how to truly master different types of shots.

There's more fun to be had too, as those who log in to the site with their My Nintendo account can try to track down five golf holes scattered across the site's pages. Finding all five nets you 100 Platinum Points, so it's worth doing if you have the time.

Remember, Mario Golf: Super Rush launches on 25th June. You can grab it directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop, or pre-order a physical copy here.

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