When FAR: Lone Sails arrived on Nintendo Switch we were hugely impressed, with its beautiful score and visuals combining to make it a memorable journey. It's particularly pleasing to see that developer Okomotive is going back to the IP, this time with publisher Frontier Foundry in tow.

FAR: Changing Tides is due on Switch and various platforms later this year, and you can see the reveal trailer above. You play as a new character called Toe, and this time around the journey is across the waves. The same art style is being adopted for the sea-faring story, with composer Joel Schoch back on board. Okomotive Lead Designer and Co-Founder, Don Schmocker, is quoted as follows in the press release.

The reception to FAR: Lone Sails was humbling, to know that people felt the same passion as we do about that world inspired us to continue to build on it with Changing Tides. We knew we wanted to tell a different, but complimentary tale, one which would be familiar to fans but fresh and exciting.

It looks rather good to us, and it'll be interesting to see how this new entry expands on the impressive foundations of the original. Let us know if this is going on your Switch wishlist.