Astria Ascending is certainly a JRPG that we're looking forward to tackling, with developer Artisan Studios including some industry and genre luminaries that will hopefully result in a terrific game. We spoke to some of these veteran game makers not so long ago to learn more about the project.

Western publisher Dear Villagers has released a rather good new trailer (above) that introduces 'The Fated Eight' and features plenty of game footage. Astria Ascending also had a slot in Nintendo's E3 Direct, confirming that it'll hit Switch on 30th September.

In addition to an intriguing narrative, this is a game that should offer decent variety over its extensive playtime.

Explore the vast and beautiful world of Orcanon.

Visit five different cities populated by unique creatures and solve more than 20 dangerous dungeons. With over 50 hours of game-play and a range of fun mini-games - including shoot ‘em ups, an original fantasy-themed card game and challenging environmental puzzles.

Are you planning to pick this up on Switch?