We're pretty fond of the Nintendo Switch, and we'd never say no to a lazy Sunday with an old Game Boy Advance favourite, but what if the two could somehow combine, existing as one in some kind of online service yet to be dreamt up by the Nintendo gods? Oh, hang on a minute...

Yes, the Nintendo Switch Online service already has its own dedicated NES and SNES apps, giving players of all ages the chance to load up old classics and see what all the fuss was about, but we – and plenty of others – have often found ourselves dreaming of other legacy systems arriving on the service.

There are plenty of great consoles with even better libraries that we could pick from, and the Game Boy Advance is right up there. As such, we (and by 'we', we basically mean our friendly video overlord Alex) took it upon ourselves to create a mock-up of how this could look, inspired by the work of TheNCSmaster. You know, should Nintendo ever decide to make our dreams a reality.

You know you want it.
You know you want it. (Image: Nintendo Life)

So sit back, give the video a watch, and indulge in what could one day be a whole new way to play your GBA games. Pretty please, Nintendo?