In the history of Telltale Games, which ultimately had a rather sad ending, it was Sam & Max that gave the studio one of its earliest hits, which itself was a revival of the classic '90s IP. When Sam & Max Save The World arrived last year on Switch, remastering all of the content from that first season, we rather enjoyed it.

There's more to come, but for now Skunkape Games is making a couple of moves to tempt more players into the current release. First of all there's a 'beefy' demo available now, which seems like a good way to draw in anyone who's tempted. It includes 'almost' all of episode one, with save progress that will then carry over to the full game; the full game also happens to be 20% off until 31st May, which is the first discount of it to date on the eShop.

For you collectors there are still physical editions available via Limited Run Games.

Do you plan to give Sam & Max a try for free this weekend?