Update #2 [Fri 21st May, 2021 00:45 BST]: It's finally out, yep Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance can now be downloaded from the Switch eShop. It'll set you back $29.99 USD and requires 3.9GB of space. Be on the lookout for our review in the near future.

Update [Wed 19th May, 2021 00:10 BST]: The latest update is the game will now be releasing on 20th May (that's tomorrow).

Original article [Tue 18th May, 2021 01:45 BST]: The re-release of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance was very much a game we were looking forward to until for whatever reason it didn't actually arrive on the Nintendo Switch on the same date as other platforms.

Here we now are a few weeks on still waiting for it to arrive. So, what's going on? In its latest update on social media, Black Isle Studios has announced it'll be sharing some more information about the Switch version "first thing tomorrow".

We guess it'll be for a new release date, but who really knows at this stage...

As noted in the latest tweet - there have been "issues" with the Switch release and "all parties" have been working hard to fix it. In a follow-up tweet, Black Isle further clarified how certification for the game had passed ages ago and had "no bearing" on the Switch delay.

Have you been holding out for the Switch release of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance? Or did you pick up the game on another platform in the end? Leave a comment down below.

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