Following its teaser last week, NG:Dev.Team has now officially announced Razion EX for the Nintendo Switch.

This insanely expensive horizontal shooter ported and upgraded for the hybrid system will land within the next two weeks - with the exact time and date to be confirmed in the next few days. Players can expect 3 game modes (novice/normal/maniac), 60fps and more.

Here are the full details, along with a look at the box art and some screenshots:

6 stages with varied settings
6 huge end bosses
7 sub bosses
3 game modes
Rendered 16-bit CGI graphics
Horizontal shooting game
60 fps

Changes for EX version:

- reworked game play
- re-balanced and reduced difficulty
- added bullet canceling for certain enemies
- reworked controls and ship movements
- upgraded graphics and added 32 bit effects
- upgraded to widescreen
- slightly reworked levels
- reworked scoring mechanics
- unlock-able continues
- added training mode for unlocked levels and bosses
- added small ending

Raz Nsw 02

Will you be adding this classic shmup to your own Switch library? Fire off a comment down below.

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