Surface Duo Nintendo DS
Image: Panos Panay

This week, Microsoft pushed a new update to its Android-based Surface Duo which allows owners to run Xbox games via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So far, 50 titles are available, but the really cool thing about this is that it effectively turns the Surface Duo into a Nintendo DS-style games console.

The catch here is that the Duo lacks physical buttons, so the controls are mapped to the touchscreen instead. Still, at least it means the virtual pad and buttons aren't getting in the way of the on-screen action. Check out the way that the buttons are also unique to certain games, like Minecraft Dungeons (as shown in the tweet below).

The Surface Duo doesn't come cheap – it starts from $1,399 in the US – and the ability to play Xbox Game Pass games isn't unique to this platform, as Microsoft offers it to Android and iOS users (with the latter streaming via a web browser rather than a dedicated app).

You can see the whole thing in action in the video below. Have you had a chance to mess around with this? Let us know with a comment if so.

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