Pokemon Happy Meals
Pikachu, coming soon! (Not as a food, though... That would be horrific.)

Update: Today's the day! McDonald's Pokémon Happy Meals have started to appear in restaurants across the UK today, although we've been informed that stock is "extremely limited".

Remember, sales of the included toys will be restricted (so no, pesky scalpers, you may as well not bother trying). Good luck getting your hands on one if you're trying, and be safe.

Original Article (Wed 14th Apr, 2021 14:55 BST): There aren't many things in life that can beat the good old video games and food combo, so you'll hopefully be pleased to hear that Pokémon Happy Meals are soon returning to McDonald's restaurants in the UK.

Special Pokémon Happy Meals appeared across restaurants in the US earlier this year – you might remember that scalpers tried to hoover up the lot of them to sell off the included 25th-anniversary Pokémon cards – and we've been tipped off that a similar promotion is heading to the UK on May 19th.

Our anonymous McDonald's reporter, who previously shared a sneak peek at the 2018 Super Mario toys, says that the Pokémon meals will be launching once the current SpongeBob promotion (running from today up until 18th May) is over:

The goodies included for those of us in the UK haven't been confirmed just yet, but it would make sense for the same 25th-anniversary promotion to make its way across the pond. Previous Pokémon Happy Meals have also included collectable figures.

Will you be heading to McDonald's to pick up a Pokémon Happy Meal? Don't talk with your mouth full in the comments below.