Double Dragon IV

Physical distributor Limited Run Games has announced not one but two Double Dragon releases for the Nintendo Switch.

First up is the 2017 release Double Dragon IV and joining it is the 2020 Switch game, Double Dragon Neon. Both titles will receive a standard physical release (including just the game) for $29.99 USD and a special classic edition. IV's classic edition will be priced at $69.99 and Neon's classic edition will set you back $84.99.

There'll be a four-week pre-order period for all of these games starting next week on 28th May.

The Double Dragon IV Classic Edition for Switch features Billy and Jimmy keychains, the original soundtrack on a mini-CD in a retro cartridge case, and more! Standard and Classic Editions are available in a four-week pre-order starting May 28 at 10 AM ET.

Double Dragon IV

A special vinyl soundtrack for Double Dragon IV will also be available for $29.99 USD.

Finally, Double Dragon Neon will be available in a slamming Classic Edition featuring LOTS of goodies like Billy and Jimmy figures and a real Dragon Kick soda can! Standard and Classic Editions will be available for a four-week pre-order starting Friday, May 28 at 10 AM ET.

Double Dragon Neon

On a related note, this weekend is also your last chance to secure physical copies of the following games - with orders closing tomorrow:

  • Bug Fables - Standard Edition
  • Bug Fables - Collector's Edition
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 - Standard Edition
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 - Classic Edition
  • StarHawk - Game Boy
  • Metal Masters - Game Boy

Would you be interested in adding these two Double Dragon games to your Switch library? Leave a comment down below.

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