EA has announced it will offer a 10-day free trial for Velan Studios' upcoming release Knockout City when it arrives on Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms on 21st May. This is the "full game" - allowing you to try out everything.

"Remind your friends to set their alarm clocks for noon UTC on May 21 so the entire Crew is ready the moment Knockout City goes live. Block Party launches alongside the game and will run until May 30 at 12 p.m. (noon) UTC. For the entire length of Block Party, the full game will be free to everyone—no matter which platform you play on—so you can fight for dodgeball dominance as you Crew Up with friends, complete Crew Contracts, and unlock custom gear!"

If you decide to purchase the game during the Block Party, you'll receive the following bundle which contains an epic outfit, hairstyle, gliders, glasses, intro pose, KO effect, player icons and 500 holobux. These rewards will also stack with the Deluxe Edition of the game:

These rewards stack with the Deluxe Edition too, so go ahead, treat yourself! It's worth pointing out that if you pick up the Deluxe Edition during Block Party and complete all the Training Sessions and Block Party Contracts, you'll have a cool 2500 Holobux in your account to spend on whatever your heart desires, plus all the Deluxe and Block Party cosmetics coming along for the ride.

Here's everything that is planned from the end of May until 1st June:

Knockout City

Will you be trying out Knockout City when it arrives on the Nintendo Switch next week? Tell us down below.

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