Hot Wheels
Image: Mattel / Milestone

If you've got the need for speed, one game you might want to be on the lookout for is Hot Wheels Unleashed. It's arriving this September and is being developed by the racing experts at Milestone - known for series such as Ride, MotoGP and Monster Energy Supercross.

In a new update today, Mattel and Milestone have unveiled the game's second stunning gameplay environment known as the Skyscraper. This new environment follows on from the dark and rusty Garage map.

"Set in a construction site, Skyscraper will include tracks set on three different floors of the building under construction, with areas that will definitely test players’ fear of heights."

In addition to this, the video also shows off six new vehicles out of 60+ plus available at launch. They include the Bump Around, Mountain Mauler, Sandivore, Boom Car, Buns of Steel, Fast Gassin and Motosaurus.

Hot Wheels Unleashed will arrive on Nintendo Switch on 30th September. Pre-orders are available now and there are four different versions to choose from. Find out more in our previous post. What do you think of the new track? Comment below.