Space Commander War And Trade Screenshot 01
Image: Home Net Games

Space sims are a particularly popular genre in gaming, especially on PC, but on 13th May there'll be an interesting and affordable option heading to the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Space Commander: War and Trade is developed by Home Net Games and is heading to Switch via 7Levels (Castle of Heart, Jet Kave Adventure, Golf Peaks); it's all about choosing a career path, building up your fleet and becoming a dominant force in the galaxy.

Dive into the ultimate single-player space sim with multiple career paths, engaging gameplay mechanics, and diversified missions ranging from exciting space battles to an authentic, sandbox RPG experience.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between building a safe yet pedestrian trader career, the honorable, action-packed role of a space ranger, or the profitable but dangerous life of a space mobster. Whatever you choose, make sure to excel, gather reputation points for your actions, and gain access to the most challenging and best-paid missions.

Previously released on PC and smart devices, not all players seemed overly enamoured with its balancing as a free-to-play game. However, on Switch it arrives with a price tag of $9.99USD / 9,99EUR, opting for the premium approach and hopefully in the process removing any 'pay-to-win' concerns from previous releases.

Is this going on your eShop wishlist?