Pokemon WotC

One of the biggest Pokémon card auction events we've ever stumbled across is about to begin this weekend, with a number of complete sets being sold off across a 30-day period.

Starting this Saturday, 1st May, Whatnot will be auctioning off complete sets of every single Pokémon card expansion released by Wizards of the Coast. WotC was responsible for the original and iconic Base Set, and continued to distribute cards up until the Skyridge set released in 2003.

Every day throughout May will see a new auction; in some cases, Whatnot have hold of more than one complete set of certain expansions (there's a standard Base Set collection and a 1st Edition Shadowless version, for example), and some auctions include additional Box Toppers and other toys. The full auction schedule can be seen here.

If you're a serious collector (and have a serious amount of money to spend), you can RSVP to any auctions that take your fancy on the Whatnot app. Whatnot says that the team was tipped off about this incredible collection roughly four months ago, and picked it up from a private collector living in California.

If only some lovely billionaire from a faraway land would come and share their wealth with us so that we could bring some of these home... We can dream.