HitchHiker KeyArt Landscape
Image: Mad About Pandas / Versus Evil

Gaming is full of off-beat and intriguing experiences, and another that's heading to Switch this week is Hitchhiker, from development studio Mad About Pandas. It's being published by the prolific Versus Evil, which is known on the eShop for bringing us titles like Faeria and The Banner Saga Trilogy.

Hitchhiker made its debut on Apple Arcade in March, but is arriving on the Switch eShop this week on 15th April. It's a narrative experience that'll feature environmental puzzles, and the core idea is that you go on five rides while trying to piece together clues to your lost memory.

It's an interesting premise, but it's in practice that this game really catches the eye, as it throws in some rather neat visuals and twists.

Are you tempted to hit the road in this one?