Suda51 has long been known for his strange and experimental games, from the popular No More Heroes series to the less well-known games in his catalogue, like Flower, Sun, and Rain. One of his earliest works was the 1999 game, The Silver Case, in which players take up the roles of a detective and a journalist covering a series of murders in a city known as The 24 Wards.

The Silver Case, packaged along with its sequel, The 25th Ward, will be coming to Switch as The Silver Case 2425 - a move that Suda51 himself foreshadowed in an interview last year. The game came out last month in Japan, and is due for a Western release this July.

Screenshot from The Silver Case

The game has mixed reviews on Metacritic, ranging from eights and nines out of ten all the way down to 3/10. Push Square gave it 4/10 when it came to PS4 in 2017, criticising the "glacial pace" and the unlikeable characters, but Game Informer's 75% review praised it for being a quintessentially Suda51 experience. Your mileage may vary on this one, then.

Are you a Suda51 fan who's keen to check out his older work, or will you be giving this one a miss? Let us know in the comments.