Pokemon TCG
Image: Pokemon

If you thought you knew everything there was to know about the original Pokémon trading cards, perhaps not. Twitter user @FanamelT has supposedly tracked down the source images used in the background artwork of the original series.

It seems these images come from Datacraft Sozaijiten, a series of stock photos that is apparently used in a lot of Japanese media and Nintendo games. In the clip below, you can see rolling hills for Ponyta, the treetops featured on Scyther's card, the beach shot Wartortle appears in, and even the background for Professor Oak's card.

"The images come from a series called Datacraft Sozaijiten, yes even the ones that look handpainted lol. This series is used in a lot of Japanese media and Nintendo games which is how I found them."

So there you go - if you've ever wondered where these lovely but stock photos come from, now you know. FanamelT further says others who investigate are bound to find more matches, like the ones above.

Did you ever wonder where these backgrounds originated from? Did you already know? Do you have any original Pokémon trading cards yourself? Tell us down below.

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