Hunting down every single one of these little beasts is a task and a half...
Hunting down every single one of these little beasts is a task and a half...

While Super Mario Sunshine certainly has its ups and downs, one element of the game that almost always causes a headache or two for new players is its Blue Coins.

There are 240 of these pesky little things to collect, but with no real way of tracking which Coins you've grabbed from each of Sunshine's individual worlds, it can be a pretty daunting task to reach 100% completion. To get each and every one of them, you're probably going to find yourself hitting up Google more times than you'd like, but that's where this fan-made app comes in.

Aspiring developer Noah Ortega has created a free app, without any ads, that can be used by players to track their Blue Coin collecting progress. Using a guide already shared on as a starting point for the app, they went on to add a checklist, screenshots, and even videos of each Coin being collected to help you hunt them down and remember which ones you already have.

"This was a labour of love, I posted it for free with no ads, so I hope you'll check it out if you're interested," says Ortega on Reddit. "Additionally, feedback and suggestions are appreciated!"

You can download it for yourself from Google Play here (it's only available on Android for now). If you find it helpful, make sure to let us – and Noah – know how you get on.

List of features:
- A display of individual level and total completion percentage
- A checklist for each level (accessed by tapping on a level's icon)
- Uniquely named blue coins to help you keep track of what you've collected
- Description/Guide for each coin (accessed by tapping on a coin in the list)
- An image for each blue coin, displaying the location of the coin in the level
- Link to a Youtube video of each blue coin being collected (recorded by us)
- Secret celebration for every user that reaches 100% completion! (similarly disappointing)
- Free with no ads!!!