Sometimes we find ourselves wondering where the thousands of pounds we've spent on Pokémon games and merchandise over the years has actually gone, and we're delighted to discover that it's now funding DJ Pikachu's music career.

Yes, Pokémon's official Japanese YouTube channel has shared a new video featuring DJ Pikachu (a Pikachu that's "dressed up like a DJ and dancing to groovy music"), as he delivers a poppin' set of classic Pokémon remixes. You'll hear several tracks from the original games in there, as well as one or two sound effects thrown in for good measure.

Things get taken up a notch when Pikachu calls upon two backing dancers for help, and while we've got absolutely no idea why this even exists, we're glad it does.

DJ Pikachu

Of course, as part of the series' 25th-anniversary celebrations, Pokémon has launched a 'P25 Music' campaign which will see a variety of artists take part over the course of the year. Post Malone recently starred in an impressive virtual concert, and Katy Perry has also been announced for a future project.