Image: Niantic

Pokémon GO might not necessarily be an average mobile game, but there are still certain aspects of it that encourage users to exchange real-world money for in-game currency. There are also a number of gacha style elements.

To make life a little easier for trainers, Niantic has announced it's started testing a new feature with a "limited number" of players - allowing them to see what Pokémon might hatch from the eggs in their inventory. In other words, you'll now have at least some idea of what you might receive from a certain egg.

"Trainers, we're excited to share that we're starting testing where a limited number of Trainers will be able to see which Pokémon may hatch from Eggs in their Inventory!"

Niantic's support account on Twitter goes onto explain how trainers in this test are able to "tap an Egg" and it then shows a list of possible pocket monsters that might hatch from it, along with their rarity level. Unfortunately, it won't show if the Pokémon will be Shiny.

Here's a glimpse, courtesy of our friends over at Eurogamer. As noted by the same website, "no probabilities" are listed and there's "no suggestion of how much rarer one level is than another", so it's up to the game's community to work out the rest.

Hatchable Pokémon
Image: Eurogamer

This update follows on from a request from the game's player base last August - calling for Niantic to disclose the game's loot box odds, stating how it had been a problem for years.

So, what do you think? Is this enough? Or do you think the developer of Pokémon GO needs to do more? Comment below.