Yoshi Tour
Image: Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour's been celebrating two events in recent weeks. Having kicked off MAR10 Day with an appropriately themed "Mario Tour", Nintendo are also promoting Tour's 18-month anniversary. As part of that, a new Yoshi Tour has just gone live.

Marking the second Yoshi Tour so far, this will run until April 6th. There's no new tracks this time, but we've got three new characters: Blue Yoshi, White Yoshi, and Birdo (Black). Accompanying karts (Blue Yoshi excluded) and a new "Bright Balloons" glider are also confirmed.

Mario Kart Tour Anniversary Timeline
Image: Nintendo

As part of these celebrations, logging in each day gives players an anniversary bonus, which includes item tickets, coins, and rubies. New special challenges and tour gifts are included, and Nintendo previously released a short roadmap.

We still don't know what the following listed event will bring, though previous speculation believes this is Wario-related. Nintendo usually releases event details a few days before it begins, so we'll keep you updated then.

Will you be jumping back in for these anniversary celebrations? Share your thoughts below.

[source nintendoeverything.com]