You might spot a brand new game appearing on the Switch eShop later this week called Doug Hates His Job, but don't worry – we have it on good authority that it isn't a desperate plea for help from Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser. Phew!

Instead, Doug Hates His Job is a beat 'em up featuring an office mockumentary-style story about a sales agent who can't stand his job. Throughout the game, you'll be helping Doug respond to his annoying co-workers, crazy clients, and his "ruthless" boss, presumably watching him slowly spiral out of control as he becomes more and more hateful of his surroundings – let's face it, plenty of us have been there.

Interestingly, the game actually includes eight different styles of gameplay, and you'll be splitting your time between them as you take on different tasks: Beat 'Em Up, Choose Your Own Adventure, Bar Trivia, Quick Time Events, 3D Melee Combat, Stealth, 2D Platformer, Top-Down Car Racer.

Doug Hates His Job launches on the Switch eShop on Friday 5th March. It'll cost £5.19 from that date, but if you choose to pre-order it ahead of time you can save 30% and grab it for just £3.63.

Ready to unleash your work-related frustrations by punching people in the face? Let us know just how hard you relate in the comments below.