With just a couple of weeks remaining until Bravely Default II arrives on Switch, Nintendo has dropped a new trailer exploring the game's battle mechanics.

You can check it out for yourself above; you'll not only be taught about certain battle features like 'Brave' and 'Default', but you'll also get to see a fair bit of battling action on screen, too.

Unleash power with BRAVE:
Use the Brave command to spend Brave Points and string together up to four actions you can perform in a single turn.

Accumulate power with DEFAULT:
Use the Default command to bank your action for that turn—and earn a Brave Point for doing so.

Bravely Default II

We'll have a full review of the game for you a little closer to release, but we've already shared some early hands-on thoughts if you'd like to see how we've been getting on so far. Remember, there's a free demo of the game available on the Switch eShop if you'd like to give it a go yourself.

If you're eager to play the full game when it launches on 26th February, pre-order options are already available. Let us know if you plan on buying it with a comment below.