Yellowed Consoles
Image: arare_wansaka

This image could be a PSA warning about the dangers of smoking... at least when it comes to your consoles. In a tweet by @arare_wansaka, these two consoles - a Famicom and a Super Famicom - look like a rare colour variant, with the more common white, grey, and red plastic replaced with a sexy burnt umber.

That is, until you realise these are meant to be white and grey. So, what happened? Were the two consoles placed in direct sunlight for 30 years? Were they both immersed in soy sauce the whole time? Are they really into tanning? Or have they been sitting in the house of a smoker for a few decades?

Unfortunately, we may never know the origin of these two greasy boys, unless anyone fancies finding out which Japanese shop is selling them. The Famicom costs about £3, and the Super Famicom costs £2. Worth it to solve the mystery of whether or not these consoles would respond to retrobrighting? You tell us.