Gal Gun Returns

Believe it or not, but there are some other big releases out on the Switch this week. One is the lewd remaster, Gal*Gun Returns.

Obviously, it's a bit out there compared to your average game - this rail shooter requires a young man to fend off prospective lovers with his 'Pheromone Shot' while trying to secure the affections of one of the main protagonists.

If you are worried about how you will ever play this one around your friends, family and even partners without being judged, there's apparently no need to worry. PQube has released the following PSA video, explaining how to use the "safety goggles" (that aren't really safety goggles at all) which come with the 'Birthday Suit' version of the game.

"We've had some comments that our Gal*Gun Returns ‘Birthday Suit’ Collector’s Edition safety goggles aren’t safety goggles at all! This informational video has been created to to clear up any confusion."

Apart from the "safety googles" the Birthday Suit Collector's Edition of the game comes with the following items:

Gal Gun Returns

The game itself includes improved visuals, new CG sequences and all the previously released DLC. Our full review of Gal*Gun Returns will be going live on Nintendo Life later today. Think you'll be adding this one to your Nintendo Switch home menu? Tell us down below.