Space Invaders Get Even
Image: Taito

We enjoyed Space Invaders Get Even when it launched in 2008 for WiiWare, giving it 8/10 stars. One of Space Invaders' more curious spinoffs, it offered a role reversal that saw us playing the invaders, destroying cities from a UFO. Unfortunately, there's currently no official method of playing it since the Wii Shop Channel shut down, making it one of many digital-only games currently lost forever.

Speaking with Wccftech about Space Invaders Forever, Taito's game director Yuichi Toyama was asked about a potential re-release, replying:

Space Invaders Get Even was a WiiWare exclusive title where the player took the part of the long-maligned Invaders and took revenge on mankind. This is another game we've considered and if we see enough demand, we'd love to be able to release it. The biggest issue with Get Even is the control method: the game was designed to be played on the Wii Remote, so we need to work out a solution to deliver an enjoyable play experience. What do you think is the best way to go about this? We may be able to replicate the controls by making good use of the Nintendo Switch's touch screen functionality.

Speaking further on the subject, Toyama also discusses a hypothetical idea that could revise Get Even's formula. Suggesting a game where "55 players come together in formation" to invade Earth, it sounds like a Battle Royale equivalent, though he also clarified no actual plans exist to release such a game.

Considering Joy-Cons can be used similarly to Wii Remotes – as proven by Super Mario Galaxy within 3D All-Stars – it doesn't sound like that would be tricky to overcome. It's nice to know Get Even hasn't been forgotten, but as an obscure WiiWare game, finding that demand is another story.

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