Publisher Snowman recently brought the rather lovely The Alto Collection to the Switch eShop after enjoying great popularity on smart devices. Next up is the totally radical Skate City, which aims to capture the heart and soul of street skating in an authentic light.

In the game, players will have the opportunity to explore four unique cities based off of real-world skate locations, including the streets of Los Angeles, Oslo and Barcelona. Set to original lo-fi beats, you can ride like a local through each city’s Challenge mode, or take it at your own pace with Endless Skate.

Here's a bit more about what to expect from the publisher:

Skate in four beautiful and iconic locations: Los Angeles, Oslo and Barcelona.

Pull off exactly the trick you want with a swipe on screen or a flick of your controller’s analog stick.

Complete over 100 challenges to test your skills.

Endless Skate lets you ride at your own pace. Skip to any part of the city to ride in your favorite spot or try to get all 120 goals.

Upgrade skills to grind longer or spin faster, and build out your trick set with special tricks.

Customize your gear by picking up a new deck, trucks, or wheels; or, change your look with different shoes, hats, glasses and clothes. You can also customize your hairstyle, skin tone, and gender.

Original soundtrack of atmospheric lo-fi beats.

Capture your best runs with our in-game recording tools and share your skate videos online. Zoom in, spin the camera and even slow down time to highlight your best trick.

Let us know if you plan on checking this out when it flips on to Switch later this year.