Nook Miles
Image: steelwing723

The mark of a true Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan is no longer the rare DIYs you have, or how full your museum is - it's being in possession of the stamp for "300 Days Played". That means only those who have done no time travelling, no skipping a day, and have made sure to pop into their island at least once for the last three hundred days since the game's release have earned this badge of honour.

The reward isn't that exciting, though - a mere 3,000 Nook Miles, which is small change to anyone who's been playing that long.

Still, that doesn't make us feel any better for missing out, and some of us wrote an entire Soapbox article about how guilty they feel about not playing regularly any more.

Have any of you received the stamp for 300 Days? Are you proud of yourselves? Come gloat in the comments. We promise we won't mind.