Cyber Shadow

Next week sees the arrival of the new 8-bit ninja platformer Cyber Shadow on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

If you were planning on holding out for a physical copy, it seems you might be waiting a while. In an interview with recently, developer Aarne Hunziker said he was all for a physical release, but had nothing planned right now.

"A physical release would be awesome indeed, but not in the plans at this time. I need to rest."

Publisher Yacht Club Games was previously asked about a physical release back in December and responded with something similar, stating how "awesome" it would be, but at the time, wanted to focus on the launch of the digital version.

"That would be awesome! Right now, we are focusing on a digital release. If we do end up going the physical route, we will announce it on our social media pages! Stay tuned for more updates about our upcoming published game!"

Keep an eye out for our own Nintendo Life interview with Aarne Hunziker later today.

Will you be picking up Cyber Shadow when it arrives on the Switch eShop next week? Tell us down below.

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