Image: IDW

At the end of last year, word accidentally got out that a new 3D Sonic animated series would be coming to Netflix in 2022.

It's a collaboration between Sega, Wild Brain and Man of Action Entertainment. While there's not much to go off at the moment, we've now got confirmation that the series won't be based on IDW's comic line.

Comic book writer Ian Flynn recently confirmed this during a BumbleKast Q&A, in response to a reminder about Netflix's upcoming Sonic project:

"Oh yeah, there's that too - that is not based on the IDW books."

If it's not based on this, perhaps it means Sega and co has something more original lined up for Sonic.

Speaking of the other companies Sega has partnered with - Wild Brain owns series like Teletubbies and Inspector Gadget, and Man of Action is a writer collective who has worked on projects like Ben 10 and Big Hero 6.

Since its slip-up, Netflix is yet to officially announce this new 3D Sonic animation. Apart from the above details, all we know is it'll contain rings, sneakers, speed, and of course, Sonic.

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