Serious tennis games are all well and good, but there's definitely room for more light-hearted takes on the sport, as Mario Tennis Aces proves. That fine title is getting some competition in the form of Alphawing Games' Gachinco Tennis S, which has just gone live on the Japanese Switch eShop for ¥1,200.

Described as an "action game" which uses a simplistic control method (thanks, Gematsu), Gachinco Tennis S sports a deliberately low-resolution look which calls to mind the N64 era.

One of the game's most unique elements is the "Magic Ball", which is accessible at the press of a button and triggers a powerful shot. Each of the 24 players has their own unique "Magic Ball" move, all of which result in amazing visual effects. You can also switch between players mid-match using the game's wrestling-style tag-team system.

Here are some key features, direct from the Japanese eShop page:

- Tag-Style Matches – Select two characters at the start of the game and switch between them instantly during the match.
- Tag Tournaments – A tournament in which all eight teams participate. With without continues to face new challengers. By defeating these challengers, you can unlock them as playable characters.
- Knockout Battles – Play a series of tie-breaker matches against challenger after challenger.
- Two Movement Styles – Move on your own with “Manual Mode,” or move automatically and focus on shooting with “Auto Mode.”
- One Joy-Con Per Player Multiplayer – Play local multiplayer with a friend, with each player using one Joy-Con.
- 3D pixel art graphics.
- Stamina and Spirit gauges.
- Magic Count that displays Magic Ball number of uses.
- Berserker Mode with unlimited Magic Balls.
- Magic Ball reversals that can send back the opponent’s Magic Ball.
- Stunned state that indicates the player is out of stamina.
- Racket destruction that enables the player to destroy the racket of a stunned opponent.
- Strong areas that indicate each character’s strong spots.
- Recovery items that randomly appear.

Sadly, there's no word on whether or not this will be getting a western release, but the moment we know, you will, too.

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