Monster Hunter Rise is likely to be one of the biggest Nintendo Switch releases of 2021. With this in mind, Capcom has been building up excitement by regularly sharing concept art of the game on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account.

In some of the latest tweets, it's shown off the Frost Islands in the game. Below is a look at this, some more concept art as well as the many characters you'll encounter in the game. Enjoy!

"Tracking a Goss Harag in the Frost Islands."

MHR© Capcom

"Hunting a Tetranadon in the Frost Islands."

MHR© Capcom

"Buddy Handler Iori, a young boy who loves animals and looks after Felynes and Canynes in Kamura."

"Master Utsushi, a mentor to new Hunters and manager of the Arena Quests."

"Komitsu having fun with a Palico and a Palamute."

MHR© Capcom

"Tea time with Hinoa."

MHR© Capcom

"Minoto the Hub Maiden; a serene quest maiden in charge of Hub Quests."

"Mizutsune, the graceful Leviathan."

MHR© Capcom

"Kagero's merchandise wagon."

MHR© Capcom

"Rondine the Trader from a faraway land, who brings exotics goods to Kamura via the Argosy."

"Guild Master Hojo, a bright and cheerful figure who oversees the Gathering Hub."

"Komitsu the Sweettooth; a brave young girl who just wants to help."

"Hinoa and Minoto."

MHR© Capcom

"Daruma doll-style Cohoot."

What do you think of all this stunning concept art? Have you played the demo yet? Will you be picking up the full game when it arrives exclusively on the Switch this March? Leave a comment down below.

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