Colourpop x Animal Crossing
Image: Nintendo

Ever wanted to replicate Bunnie's little blushy cheeks? Or figure out how Gladys gets such a perfect winged eyeliner? Maybe you just want to go all out and style your smoky eye after Tom Nook's tanooki eyemask look? Look no further, because Colourpop's new makeup is all about Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

With packaging featuring our underappreciated gal, Isabelle, as well as names like "What A Hoot" and "Labelle of the Ball", the Colourpop x Animal Crossing collection has a lot of attention to detail. There are even lip crayons themed around the different fruits you can get on your island, with peach/orange, apple/cherry, and pear/coconut combinations.

The collection also includes a bunch of colourful palettes themed around various villagers, some Bell-themed glitter, a Garden Wagon set of two blushes, and a nude-coloured shimmer eyeshadow called "Balloon Pop".

Colourpop recently released a Sailor Moon collection, which sold out extremely quickly, and they've also teamed up with Hello Kitty and Disney in the past.

The Animal Crossing collection will be out on the 28th January, at 10AM PST on the Colourpop website, and it will be available at Ulta from the 14th February.