Thunderful Publishing and developer Studio Fizbin have announced that Say No! More will no longer be launching this year as planned.

The game, which sees players rediscovering how to say 'no' in a world which has forgotten how to stand up for itself, will now launch in 2021. A new 'Say No! To 2020' trailer has been released to coincide with the announcement, which you can check out for yourself above.

In a world where the word “no” has been all but forgotten, the population is focused on people-pleasing, the daily grind and making it through the week with an unwavering artificial smile. On your first day as an intern in the corporate world, work continues to pile up and to top it all off your superior decides to take your lunch box. Sat dejected at your desk, you happen upon a portable cassette player with a cassette inside simply titled “No!”.

Upon listening to this mystical discovery you meet the flamboyant self-help coach who goes by the name of... Coach. Coach grants you the lost power of saying “No!” and sends you on a spree of No!-saying, thus changing the world. What will you do with this incredible new power? Well, you won’t be making any more coffees, that’s for sure! Expect the unexpected in this bonkers story about the power of “No!” and its ability to bring people together.

If you're liking the look of this one, make sure to keep an eye out for it appearing on the Switch eShop in the new year. Thunderful says that it's now expected to launch in the spring.

Will you be adding Say No! More to your Switch wishlist? Say No! in the comments below.