Elden Pixels, developer of both Alwa's Awakening and this year's Alwa's Legacy, has announced that it's working on a brand new port of its original game.

So which shiny new console is Alwa's Awakening coming to next? The PS5? The rumoured Switch Pro? Nope, it's getting a 2021 release on the NES, Nintendo's 35-year-old 8-bit wonder.

As Alwa's Awakening players will know already, this actually makes a lot of sense – the game boasts a retro-styled aesthetic throughout that was inspired by the classic titles available on Nintendo's early home system. The whole thing is now being reworked to play nicely with NES hardware, with a physical cart set to launch next year, produced by Retro-Bit.

You can learn all about the work being undertaken in the video above; there, NES developer Brad Smith – who is serving as the lead producer on the port – discusses the development process. If you're super keen on checking this out, make sure to sign up for the game's public beta here.