Cinderace Errata

There are already five different sets of Pokémon Sword and Shield trading cards, with a sixth expansion arriving early next year.

With the sheer volume of cards The Pokémon Company is pumping out, it's no surprise there is a printing error from time to time. With this in mind, an error on a Cinderace card (part of the base Sword & Shield set, 36/202) will be changed.

The Retreat Cost printed on the original card was one energy, but should actually be two energy cards. This will be effective immediately in competitive play and will also be reflected in the Pokémon TCG Errata document. Here's the change:

Much better!
Image: Pokémon

Have you been collecting any of the Sword and Shield TCG expansions? Do you have an original S&S Cinderace? Leave a comment down below.