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The news that Among Us launches on Switch today has sent shockwaves through the world of Nintendo – it's one of the biggest games right now, after all. However, another game that was featured during today's Indie World presentation evokes similar vibes – it's also about being stuck on a ship and trying to discover who the bad guys are, but there the similarities end.

Gnosia isn't some shameless cash-in, either. Despite sharing a similar premise to Among Us, it launched in Japan in 2019 on the PlayStation Vita. It was ported to the Switch earlier this year in Japan, and is getting localised for the west early next year.

The game plays very much like a visual novel RPG with lots of dialogue sequences, but the aim here is to find out who of the ship's crew is a Gnosia – an evil life-form which is capable of disguising itself as a human. Each night, the Gnosia – if not found – will kill another member of the crew.

To unmask the Gnosia, the player has to chat with other characters. As is the case in Among Us, the crew of the ship will regularly vote on who they think is the Gnosia, and the one with the most votes will be placed in cryosleep. Should you succeed in putting all of the Gnosia on-board to sleep (yes, there can be more than one), then you win the game.

It sounds simple, but the fact that the game plays out in a time loop means that no two games will ever be the same – and you can actually end up being cast as a Gnosia yourself.

Gnosia comes to the Switch in early 2021.