Hands up, who's still playing Mario Kart Tour on their smartphone? If the answer is 'nope', then it just might be time to revisit the mobile version of the world's premier kart racing series as the Rosalina Tour is now live.

We all know and love Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy of course, now playable on Switch in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection if you missed the character's series debut back on Wii. Nintendo says to "expect starry skies and icy planets" from the Rosalina Tour — sure to get you in the festive mood in time for the holidays.

Check out the new trailer above for a better look at this latest event, which takes over from the previous Winter Tour. If you like what you see, it's available to play right now.

Let us know if you have checked out these icy planets (or are tempted to visit them if you checked out of MK Tour months ago) with a comment below.