The latest Fire Emblem Heroes update is now live in the form of Book V, adding some steampunk-inspired action to the game's usual sword and sorcery themes.

A special movie has been shared by Nintendo to promote the new Book, and there's also a much longer Feh Channel video (you'll find that below) which covers everything you can expect to find in the game going forward – as long as you can put up with Feh the owl hosting the entire thing...

Here's some PR:

The realm of Niðavellir has discovered a way to fuse magic and science into something they call seiðjárn, and it’s safe to say you’ve never seen a realm like this before in the Fire Emblem Heroes universe!

In addition to some intriguing characters, Book V also introduces new mechanical armor, known as Gullinbursti, which is used by the people of Niðavellir to do battle. If you’re eager to see some of this new content in action, even novice summoners can jump right into Book V’s story. By completing Chapter 1 of Book V, you will also earn a new Mythic Hero for free: Reginn, princess of Niðavellir.

The new Book also means that the Fire Emblem Heroes app has now been updated to Version 5.0.0 on Android and iOS. Make sure your app is updated to the latest version before you get stuck in.

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